Is A Hummer a Comfortable Drive in the City?

Everytime people hear about hummers, they always imagine the rugged outdoors or areas where no other cars can go to. But could you imagine yourself driving a hummer?
I’ve asked a number of friends this question and they all came up with the same response –
Wouldn’t driving a hummer in the city a bit uncomfortable?
I asked what they thought would make it uncomfortable and most of them answered the size and the fact that it was made for the outdoors. Take note that a lot of those I asked have never rode a Hummer and only seen one from the outside.
Which makes them the perfect people to talk to about Hummers and why they are one of the best cars to drive in the City.
Not Too Big
Yes. Hummers are much bigger than usual cars in the street and they make you feel that the size can be a problem when driving downtown. Well, there are two parts in driving in the city – driving and parking.
For driving, there’s real no problem in a Hummer unless you are driving in the narrow streets at the Favellas in Brazil. If you are within city limits where the streets are a big wider – a Hummer is perfectly sized.
Parking, on the other hand, is totally different. Here, size really matters. That’s why smaller cars have no problem with parking but the Hummer really has issues with parking. Well, I was referring to street parking here. As for car parks, you shouldn’t have any problem unless it’s 90% off on the department store and you have cars parked by the hundreds.

Comfortable Drive?
I totally understand why people think Hummers are uncomfortable. This is because the first thing that comes to mind when they hear Hummer are images of the Hum-vee being used by soldiers in the war.
Fortunately, the newer Hummers no longer have issues. Don’t believe me? Try one out today. If you feel any discomfort, I will treat you to for a checkup and a total fix.

H1, H2, H3: Know Your Hummers

No matter how you slice it, the Hummer is recognisable.

It’s like Mario or Mickey Mouse – you see one cruising down the road, you know what it is. You might not know specifics, and you might not want to, either.

First made back in 1979; AM General gave the world the HumVee for the US Army. The vehicle was a hit, with about 55,000 of them being made and coming in five different models. Civilian models rolled out of the factories in 1992, along with a new name: Hummers.

Too bad production ended around 2010. The situation does make the existing ones more valuable, though.

The hummer tends to come in three basic styles. Conveniently, they’re called the H1, H2, and H3. Clean, simple, and remarkably easy to remember.

The H1 is the classic design, built for military use. The look, which is pretty utilitarian and robust, first hit pop culture in the Gulf War.

Civilian models of the H1 started rolling around in 1992. Four-wheel drive by design, the first batch had 16 inches of ground clearance.

Since they were expected to encounter many types of terrain, each built to wade through up to 30 inches of water. Obstacles up to 22 inches in height weren’t a problem, either. Sometimes the army didn’t have time to go around rough terrain, you know?

The problem with the H1 was how wide it was. City driving and parking was a challenge. Despite the size, there wasn’t much room to relax or for cargo.

Whether or not you consider the fuel efficiency to be a problem is up to you, but fuel costs tend to be higher than average.

In 2003, the H2 design came around.

The H2 was less concerned with the military, so it added a few bits and pieces for civilian use. More legroom and a third-row bench appeared, along with seats that are more comfortable. Navigation systems and safety features also came with the design.

H2 designs were better for city driving but were still massive enough to make parking difficult. The engines were still guzzling fuel like nobody’s business.

Finally, the tradeoff for all the “civilian” features was a loss of some of the robustness of the military model. You lost about 10 inches of ground clearance.

However, it’s still a formidable off-road vehicle and can seat up to four people.

The H3 came out in 2006 and was apparently built for everyday use – more so than the H2.

There were less overall power and a lower sticker price. The engine standard at first was a 3.5 V8 but upgraded to a 3.7 later on. The last model to come out was a 5.7 V8.

The H3 had nine inches of ground clearance, and you had the choice of adding off-road suspension. Anti-lock braking, airbags, and traction control came standard.

Sure, they stopped making them back in 2010, but the Hummer remains an incredible piece of work. The machines might be flawed, but there’s a certain mystique to the vehicle that makes people love it.

Salute America

These armed force Hummers particularly are fortified with the goal that they are secured by any

approaching fire and wellsprings of harm. They are flexible and solid and versatile, material and

sturdy four by fours. The armed force Hummer was the place the sledge began in its capacity as

a utility vehicle. They have now been embraced as extravagance SUVs roused by the armed

force vehicles.

The name of these is really Humvees. The humvee is a high versatility multipurpose wheeled

vehicle. The 4 wheel drive military vehicles consolidating 4×4 capacities resistive layer and

weaponry in troop transport. Humvees have broad use regard as vehicles of war and quality


Here is an Army Hummer. Used by the American forces as a means of transportation and as you can see by the gun on the top, protection.

These army Hummers especially are reinforced so that they are protected by any incoming fire and sources of damage. They are resilient and strong and mobile, tactile and effective four by fours. The army Hummer was where the hammer originated in its ability as a utility vehicle. They have now been adopted as luxury SUVs inspired by the army vehicles.

The name of these are actually Humvees.

The humvee is a high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle. The 4 wheel drive military automobile combining 4×4 abilities armour and weaponry in troop transport. Humvees have widespread use respect as vehicles of war and strength.

Stretch Hummer

The newest form of hummer is a stretch limousine hummer. What was already once loud in your face and an exciting vehicle has now lifted its game yet again by being in the form of a 16 person carrier completely decked out. Decked out with chrome wheels, body kit, metallic paint, mini bar, sound system, lighting, personal driver, sunroofs and much more awesome fit-out. It is how to get people from a to be in style and fashion literally like no other.

With a hummer an already outstanding and stylish vehicle that turns heads you can only imagine what it does when it is 4 x it’s original length. The biggest people carriers in the limousine industry and of course the beefiest. All over the world these things drive, including small little towns in Australia such as Mandurah where they possess one of these hummers. A small little town with a big ass car that makes an impact, that turns heads and has people envy those who are inside. How could you not.

White hummer

Here She Is

Here is the beautiful Hummer.

An American made vehicle, initially created for the army and still used for the army today, but a vehicle that has made it onto the city streets. The hummer is a beef cake on wheels. The cake part being the nice sleek taste that it is and the beef, well being its large size.

A vehicle that has made its way around the world, showcasing off its brute strength and style. There really is not another vehicle like it out there. There are similar, but when you see a hummer you know that its a hummer.