A List of the Best Cars Made into Limos

Whenever we talk about luxury and style, a picture of a limo always comes to mind. I mean, why not? A limo just screams sophistication AND class. Aside from being used in Vegas and some prom dates, limousines are the go to cars of well-known people, monarchs, and heads of states.

But what cars make the best limos? Can you just get a Honda Odyssey and turn it into a limo?

Well, you can do that but would that be a sound decision?

Not every car can become a limo. That’s for sure.

So we made a list of the best cars that can be made into limos. These cars have the power, style, and comfort that is required in all limos.

What Makes a Limo

I have mentioned above that not all cars can be limos. This is because having a “good” limo is not just about the look. It’s about having the right power to carry as many passengers as possible (and you have to sit a lot of passengers at times) comfortably. It should also have the amenities and style required to make your passenger feel luxurious. Lastly, will it be comfortable to them? If your car gets 3 checks on those questions, rest assured you have a future limo on your hands.

Best Cars that Can Be Turned into Limos

  1. Lincoln Town Car – The father of all limousines. Town Cars make the perfect limos because of its pre-designed long body style. With just a little adjustment, you can easily turn it into a stretch limo. The Town Car and the Lincoln MKTs are two of the best cars to turn into limos because they are comfortable and stylish. Businesses such as kombihireperth.com.au use Lincoln Town Cars a lot.
  2. Cadillac XTS – When talking about limousines fit to be used by presidents then the Cadillac XTS is the first thing that comes to mind. The Cadillac XTS possesses the power and luxury factor even before it gets stretched. With this in mind, most people choose it because the engine won’t suffer so much when you turn it into a limo.
  3. Hummer H2 – When somebody mentions SUV limos, the first thing that comes into mind are Hummer H2s. They are large, powerful, and fun to ride. Imagine stretching it out to fit 14 people. It is the party limo of choice for people staying in Vegas. The size of H2s give the owner ample room for customization and special amenities.
  4. Chrysler 300 – Almost synonymous to the Town Car, the Chrysler 300 is also a popular choice as limos because of its classic elegance. The default size of the 300 is wider and longer than ordinary so it is perfect for stretching. While not the best choice for luxury, it is used for speed and smoother drives.

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