A product name with roaring tone, it sparked attention during the 90’s with the announcement of the civilian Humvee in 1991. Factory-made by AM General, a division of American Motors, the Humvee, which stands for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle was launched in 1985.

Hummers are barely best sellers due to their significant size, weight and shocking criticism-igniting fuel intake. GM attained the rights over Hummer in 1999, after which the marque went through an image-strengthening procedure, aiming at sales rises and revenue evolution. The first Hummer was retitled to H1, and the later reproductions carried on with the solo letter/number classification, through the H2 and the H3, which is the latest. The H3 was built to match the likings of SUV drivers.

DespiteĀ its dealership network exposure, the Hummer has only retailed in small sizes, being highly costly and unpractical. Still, it’s one of the preferred brands among stars that have helped build the product into something profligate.
The Hummer’s only official strengths are its strong chassis, increased protection and looks.

Hummer’s most rough looking model. Closest to its military equivalent, the H1 was the lowliest selling vehicle. However, Hummer’sĀ steel-clad wheeled gas-guzzling cars still turn heads anywhere they go and for a particular category of people, this outcome exceeds being environmentally friendly.


Here is an Army Hummer. Used by the American forces as a means of transportation and as you can see by the gun on the top, protection.

These army Hummers especially are reinforced so that they are protected by any incoming fire and sources of damage. They are resilient and strong and mobile, tactile and effective four by fours. The army Hummer was where the hammer originated in its ability as a utility vehicle. They have now been adopted as luxury SUVs inspired by the army vehicles.

The name of these are actually Humvees.

The humvee is a high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle. The 4 wheel drive military automobile combining 4×4 abilities armour and weaponry in troop transport. Humvees have widespread use respect as vehicles of war and strength.

Stretch Hummer

The newest form of hummer is a stretch limousine hummer. What was already once loud in your face and an exciting vehicle has now lifted its game yet again by being in the form of a 16 person carrier completely decked out. Decked out with chrome wheels, body kit, metallic paint, mini bar, sound system, lighting, personal driver, sunroofs and much more awesome fit-out. It is how to get people from a to be in style and fashion literally like no other.

With a hummer an already outstanding and stylish vehicle that turns heads you can only imagine what it does when it is 4 x it’s original length. The biggest people carriers in the limousine industry and of course the beefiest. All over the world these things drive, including small little towns in Australia such as Mandurah where they possess one of these hummers. A small little town with a big ass car that makes an impact, that turns heads and has people envy those who are inside. How could you not.

White hummer

Here She Is

Here is the beautiful Hummer.

An American made vehicle, initially created for the army and still used for the army today, but a vehicle that has made it onto the city streets. The hummer is a beef cake on wheels. The cake part being the nice sleek taste that it is and the beef, well being its large size.

A vehicle that has made its way around the world, showcasing off its brute strength and style. There really is not another vehicle like it out there. There are similar, but when you see a hummer you know that its a hummer.